Dwyer® Series MSX and MSX Pro Magnesense®


Magnesense® Differential Pressure Transmitter, Series MSX Pro

The Dwyer® Series MSX and MSX ProMagnesense® differential pressure transmitters have the high accuracy pressure measurement required for exacting control. Standard square root capability converts a velocity pressure into a velocity flow or volumetric flow eliminating the need for additional air flow instrumentation and simplifying programming at the BMS. Additionally, the MSX or MSX Pro can be used to notify both a local alarm and control system via dual voltage and current output signals. Within data centers, these transmitters are used for controlling VFD driven air supply in the HVAC system and monitoring pressure drop across filters to maintain clean air cooling the data center racks.

Insertion Electromagnetic Flow Transmitter, Series IEF

In addition, Dwyer’s Series IEF insertion electromagnetic flowmeters are key to ensuring the smooth running of the critical cooling systems within data centers. These flowmeters can be installed with a hot tap, which means that they have the ability to change the sensor while not interrupting the operation of the chillers. This is vital, as it allows the system to undergo maintenance while the data system remains functioning and minimizes downtime. Additionally, Dwyer offers a unique option that allows three IEF’s to be positioned in the same location in one pipe which provides safety redundancy for data centers in case an instrument stops functioning.

Dwyer has a full range of humidity, temperature, differential pressure, and velocity sensors to control the environment inside data centers.

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