Ensuring Comfortable, Safe Environments in Hospitals

Dwyer® products are used to monitor and improve parameters that make up indoor air quality (IAQ) such as temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide (CO2), volatile organic compounds, and air changes per hour (ACH). 

It is vital that the indoor environment in hospitals is controlled and kept at safe levels for patients and medical staff. 

Our temperature and humidity sensors are used to ensure a comfortable environment for building occupants. Beyond indoor comfort, humidity also plays a critical role in indoor air quality (IAQ). Dwyer’s humidity sensors can help ensure that proper humidity levels are maintained and assist in minimizing the spread of viruses/diseases and preventing mold growth.

Dwyer Instruments USA Product Highlight: Series 641RM Air Velocity Transmitter with Remote Probe

Series 641RM features the same highly accurate heated mass flow sensor, with remote probe construction.

Main Features:

- Optional bright LED display

- Easy push button set-up

- Compact housing


  • Clean room ventilation monitoring
  • HVAC air velocity measurement
  • Exhaust stack flow monitoring

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