IoT controller LoRaWAN UC100 and UG65 Gateway

UC100 is an IoT controller used for remote control and data acquisition from Modbus RS485 devices via LoRaWAN®networks. It can read up to 16 Modbus RTU devices and support Modbus transparent transmission between server and RS485 devices as a Modbus to LoRaWAN® converter. Besides, UC100 supports multiple trigger conditions and actions which can work autonomously even when the network dropped. Combining with Milesight IoT Cloud solution, it can monitor and control remote assets via web server or mobile App easily.

UG65 is a robust 8-channel indoor LoRaWAN® gateway. Adopting SX1302 LoRa chip and high-performance quad-core CPU, UG65 supports connection with more than 2000 nodes. UG65 has line of sight up to 15 km and can cover about 2 km in urbanized environment, which is ideally suited to smart office, smart building and many other indoor applications.

UG65 supports not only multiple back-haul backups with Ethernet, Wi-Fi and cellular, but also has integrated mainstream network servers (such as TTI, ChirpStack, etc.) and built-in network server and Milesight IoT Cloud for easy deployment.

An IoT controller is a device or software that enables communication and coordination between different IoT devices, ranging from sensors and smart thermostats to industrial machinery and healthcare equipment. These controllers act as a bridge between the devices and the cloud or other remote servers, providing a centralized point of control for managing and optimizing the performance of connected devices.

Example of Application we can use it in

The products are available on our website are this UC100 IoT Controller and LoRaWAN Gateway UG65.

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